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10 Fun & Easy Easter Baking Recipes for Kids (and adults too)

With Easter fast approaching, I have pulled together some easy Easter baking recipes for you to get creative in the kitchen with the kids! I don't know about you, but I personally love to make super cute bakes anyway... anything colourful or in the shape of an animal or with ears, I can't resist! Who says Easter baking is just for kids?

1. White Chocolate Easter Bark

With only THREE ingredients, this recipe by 'That Skinny Chick Can Bake' is the definition of easy Easter baking... and look how fun and colourful it is too.

2. Easter Bunny Cupcakes

These Easter Bunny Cupcakes by Tamsin Burnett-Hall are definitely up there with the cutest I've seen! The kids will love them.

3. Easter Egg Nests

Is it even Easter without easter egg chocolate nests? Try these ones from 'Hungry Healthy Happy'.

4. Easter Rocky Road

Rocky road, but make it Easter! A really simple and fun recipe by Janine Ratcliffe for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Easy Easter Biscuits

A simple biscuit recipe with some cute and colourful Easter decoration ideas, by Cassie Best. I love the fried egg ones!

6. White Chocolate Easter Fudge

Keeping it as simple as can be, with only 4 ingredients. This recipe by Carnation (using their condensed milk) is a super easy one to whip up in no time.

7. Bunny Pancakes

If you're looking for something a little healthier to make for Easter, why not try these adorable Bunny Pancakes by 'Super Healthy Kids' that are bound to put a smile on the kids faces.

8. Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

If the weather happens to still be on the cooler side, an easter egg hot chocolate might be a nice, warming Easter treat.

9. Easter Cupcakes

This recipe by the 'Good Food Team' shows you how to make 3 different types of Easter animal cupcakes, so I felt it had to be included!

10. Speckled Easter Egg Cake

Last but not least, in case you fancy delving into making a full cake, this easter egg cake is really fun looking with its blue icing and mini egg topping. The speckled effect is a lot easier than it looks too.

I hope this has given you some Easter baking inspiration, let the sugar rush begin!

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