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Spicy Tuna Cucumber Sushi

I'm no sushi chef, so when I discovered cucumber sushi, I was so happy that there was another way! This spicy tuna version is quick, easy and delicious.


1 large cucumber

30g sushi rice

1/2 tin tuna (drained)

2tbsp sriracha mayo

1/2 tsp sesame oil

1/2 avocado

1/2 carrot, grated

Sesame seeds to garnish

Soy sauce, to dip


1. Cook the rice and set aside (do not stir once cooked, allow it to get sticky).

2. Make the spicy tuna by mixing the tuna, sriracha mayo and sesame oil together in a bowl, and set aside.

3. Slice the cucumber in half and hollow out the 2 chunks. The handle of a spoon works really well for this.

4. Fill one half of the cucumber with rice and press it down.

5. Pack the other side with the spicy tuna, sliced avocado and grated carrot.

6. Carefully slice the cucumber into rounds, sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and serve with soy sauce.

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